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Even if YOU don't have PTSD...You know someone who does have PTSD! Get the book for them and give them the chance to reclaim their real life. What do you have to lose other than PTSD!

The Printed, kindle, and audio products from

The Print Version

This is our printed book by You can order it [here]. The printed book covers how to cure PTSD with this revolutionary technique. No drugs, no counseling, and no eye movement therapy (although they can be very important).

Now, you do not have to read the entire book to get the technique as it is designed for you to rapidly go get the technology… Chapter 1 is named “Just do this”! That gives you the blueprint for getting this technology and helping you design it just for you. The second chapter is a “workbook” where we help you layout your technique. 

The Kindle Version

This is the same book but on Kindle. One really great thing is after you read it you can loan it to others all via the Kindle app. It’s nice to be able to have your kindle go anywhere with you.

As you read your other books, now you can also spend time with Cure PTSD today. As a matter of fact, this is a picture of the first sale of our book and also went to Kindle!

The Audio Book

Many times, it is really nice to have an audiobook to listen to while you drive, exercise or even for a walk. As you fall asleep you can listen to some of the more important parts of the book or the areas that you might want to reinforce.

In addition, if you have an amazon Echo “Alexa” will read you your book as you fall to sleep. Also remember to ask Alexa to play for 1 hour, that way she will stop your reading automatically.

Get your life back!

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