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1. The Cure PTSD Today Book

The book is now available for print on demand from There are other options up there for you as the Audio Book too.

Head over to Amazon to make your order by using the following link: Print version or the Kindle version.

2. The Video of the Book is now available as well.

We also did a video reading of the book for those that would prefer to view the book and learn the techniques via video. It is available here on our website in our online store. Click this link to go see what we have to offer.

3. The Guided Workbook Video

We have made a video to assist you, more, in the workbook. The book, audio book, and the video book have this section. However, we will go more into the construction and assistance in the guided workbook. You can find this purchase in our online store here at the website.

4. 1 on 1 work with the workbook

We will work with you via or the like to help you build the most powerful workbook for your use. We our expert help we can really layout all that you need to develop this powerful workbook to allow you the best chance of curing your PTSD.

We make sure you have a good connection with us and with a meeting time we are good to go. If it takes more than one session that is ok too. Look at our online store for purchase details.

5. The cure PTSD today Challenge Coin

This is coming soon but its function is really not what you think. As you carry this with you in your pocket or the like, and you feel your PTSD or other stressful reaction coming on, you put your coin in your hand and fire off the mental technique that you have designed for yourself, with our help of course.

This is a great “anchor” that people use all the time and we have many great stories of how they use it. Get yours today and anchor it to your mental technique to counter any PTSD or other stressful episode.

What is post traumatic stress disorder? Well in short it is our belief that it is a fight or flight mechanism that is on “steroids”. During our research we found post traumatic stress disorder was across the board when it came to sex or age. If you have experienced a traumatic event, you can get post traumatic stress disorder.

It’s unfortunately just that easy to get and oddly enough there aren’t many things that can really help it. As a matter of fact, we see 22 veterans a day committing suicide from it, yes that is per day. So you can see how important it was for us to get this out as you can see the page “right then we knew”…

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