Video reading of the book cure PTSD Today



This is the video reading of the printed book. Here you can just sit back and watch. You get unlimited access to the video file served from the web. Watch, stop, and come back as many times as you want.

We read each chapter in the book. The chapters that Steven Hunter wrote he reads to you. The same approach is done with the chapters that Peter Brusso wrote… he reads to you. It’s not an audiobook but rather a video book for your enjoyment. Once you pay successfully via PayPal [you don’t need a paypal account to purchase]  you will get released to a web URL to the video. If for any reason you don’t just email us for the link. 

This reading covers not only the revolutionary technique to cure your PTSD or other loved ones. We know that it might not work on everyone but there is a good chance it will work for you. The sections do cover “what is ptsd”, “just do this”, the workbook, symptoms of PTSD, treatment for PTSD, and PTSD is really curable? 


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