Cure PTSD Today Challenge Coin


This is or has been found to be a very integral part of the mental technique. As with Steven Hunters last book, look for beauty find happiness, we had challenge coins made for that book, as well. What we found was crazy good as people would carry the coin in their pocket. As soon as they needed to “fire” off the look for beauty find happiness technique they would pull the coin out and hold it while they refocused. We know the coin is what we call an “anchor point” and the cure PTSD today coin will work much the same way.

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This coin is super top quality and people really want one. That is a good thing as those who follow the book and it’s mental technique will get the greatest benefit from this coin. We have people just give the coin to others so they can go check out the website and get a book to help them. This we find as wonderful on so many levels. Our mission: is to get this book into the hands of people who need it and can really benefit from the technique. You might not have PTSD but we are sure you know someone who does. So, get a book and a coin for those who need to get rid of their PTSD.


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