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Steven Hunters great book with tons of success. Please visit his site at “


This book is filled with quotes that are selected to be positive or thought provoking. There are a lot of quotes out there that are funny, but negative, and you won’t see them here. The idea is to have positive and thought provoking messages that might possibly make someone’s life better.

The quotes also are short enough to fit on a small whiteboard, because that is where I originally put them. Since the quotes are short enough to fit on a small whiteboard, they also fit as text messages. Can be found on [click here]

The Defenders!

Peter Brusso invented this cute little self defense weapons which were featured in the movie “the men who stare at goats”, where George Clooney plays Peter Brusso in that movie. You can to look at all the various versions of this legal self defense weapon at [click here]


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