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Yes! We know it sounds crazy but it takes about one day or less to design the technique that you will use preceding your PTSD event or episode. This is what Peter Brusso did for his PTSD as you can see from much of the text here on the website. After 46 years of PTSD, it was gone in one day!

Basically it was by accident. Peter Brusso put together a few techniques from others and put his spin on it to produce a technology or method that he used on himself. Not really setting out to do so he accidentally discovered the combination to rid himself of his PTSD for 46 years! All in one day…

Yes. You can find it over on here is the link (click here)

We offer the printed book, kindle book, and audio book (all from We have a video version of the book listed in here on our website store. In addition, we have a guided workbook video and 1 on 1 options in our online store here on the website.

Yes we do. Both of those will show up on our events page. If you are interested please check the events page and then send us your information via our contact form.

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