Right then we knew…

Email Dr. Brusso Email Steven Hunter Right then we … Well sometimes you plan for one thing and something comes by that you did not expect. That is what happened during a product filming.  It became noticeably clear that this method is super valuable for those who have depression, anguish, or just having a

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Email Dr. Brusso Email Steven Hunter Videos Cure PTSD in one day it’s just Learn how we stumbled on this technique of killing off post-traumatic stress disorder in one day! It sounds outrageous but it’s very true for many people. Remember, after all what do you have to lose? Who can get PTSD?

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About PTSD

Email Dr. Brusso Email Steven Hunter About PTSD Symptoms of PTSD Previous Next This is a list of symptoms, but it’s not a complete list as they tend to vary widely in people. Some have one or two of these and others have very few but different symptoms as the way we process stress seems

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